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Shaked Bros LTD

The Shaked Company, established in 1985, is a family business with 30 years’ experience in the import, marketing and distribution of wines from Israel and beyond. Over the past few years the company’s product line has expanded to include top quality spirit brands from around the globe.

The company’s activities focus on the exclusive marketing and distribution of three Israeli wineries:  Recanati (established in 2000) in which it is also a partner, Tzora and Trio. Shaked also owns the private wine brand Derech Eretz.

Shaked imports and is the exclusive marketer for dozens of wineries, which include the best and most special wine growing areas in the world: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, USA, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Such variety allows the company to offer wines at a wide range of prices, from everyday wines everyone can afford to global brands which sell for thousands of shekels per bottle. In order to cater to the kosher observant community, Shaked created the 'Egoz Muscat' company which specializes in the import of kosher wines from around the world.

Shaked markets an impressive assortment of quality alcoholic beverages. These include Vodka from Poland, a variety of Whiskey distilleries from Scotland, English Gin and Rum from Trinidad and Tobago, among others. In addition, the company imports Vermouth and Grappa from Italy, Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados, Brandy and liqueurs from France and Spanish Sangria. Once again, a wide range of prices offers the best value and quality.

Through the use of professional, air-conditioned, state of the art storage and distribution systems, the whole range of Shaked products are delivered to thousands of sale points throughout Israel, including chain stores, wine shops, hotels, restaurants, pubs and the like.

As part of its efforts to promote the culture of wine and spirits in Israel, the Shaked company organizes professional courses for waiters, barmen and retailers. The company also conducts wine tours and runs professional training courses in Israel and abroad. Experts and winemakers from all over the world are invited to hold seminars and workshops for both professional and private audiences in Israel.

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